Experience the World Heritage Blue Mountains, Guided Bushwalks, Astronomy, 4WD tours, Night Tours

Important Info

Our tours acknowledge traditional custodians:

We acknowledge the traditional peoples, lifestyle and launguages of the Blue Mountains, with multiple languages of elders past and present who have lived and still live sustainabley in country. We offer our minimal impact and sustainable best practice tour to guests visiting their environment & country

Accessiblity statement

Tread Lightly eco tours assesses the suitability of trails to meet the needs of guests with disabilities. All tours are fully tailor made and exclusive with professional ecology guides and can support guests on accessible trails and trails that offer adventure with support. Minimal impact vehicle tours access remote wilderness with views, wildlife and rainforest for guests with disabilities that are not able to hike on stairs or steep terrain.

Sustainable commitment statement

Our commitment to sustainability is based on our carbon neutral ethics and minimal impact fully guided bush walks with qualified ecology & indigenous guides. Our interpretive guides specialise in culture, environment and World Heritage Values while following minimal impact practices. Our minimalist office and home are fully solar powered with off grid lighting. We are dedicated to sustainable driving techniques, chittislow accredited local produce and bush walking with in depth education on World Heritage values and local culture.

Tread Lightly Lunches:

Delicious gourmet lunches cater for different dietary needs,  We encourage you to bring a sustainable bottle of water for each walk. Summer hiking will require a suitable amount of water at least 1 litre.

Morning and Tea's and Lunch are optional.Survival Sandwich: the best gourmet sandwiches in the Blue Mountains. Wraps supplied by Altitude cafe Blackheath, or local restaurants and gourmet specialists are available. 

Breakfast with Kangaroos: A special treat of local produce and fresh pastries with a range of tea's or organic fair trade filter coffee quietly enjoyed in the Blue Mountains wilderness - The most remote coffee shop you will ever find!!

Bottled Drinking Water:

We encourage you to bring a reuasable drinking bottle of water for all tours that can be refilled if needed.

Add on's:
Special tours may include combinations of bushwalks and 4WD eco touring. Lunch can be arranged at quality restaurants or special picnic baskets if requested. [Additional fee may apply.]

Tread Lightly eco tours is the only Advanced accredited eco tour guide company in the Blue Mountains!

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